VISAGEL® is an innovative and injectable implant made of naturally produced and undiluted stabilised hyaluronan of non-animal origin. It is used to treat medium to deep wrinkles, skin blemishes and for lip and facial contour augmentation.

  • VISAGEL® consists of 100% pure, crosslinked undiluted hyaluronan thanks to the new Visalink® technology
  • VISAGEL® is manufactured biosynthetically, is very well tolerated and does not therefore require any allergy tests
  • VISAGEL® is optimally stabilised and has outstanding viscoelastic properties
  • VISAGEL® is the purest, highest quality hyaluronan product there is
  • VISAGEL® produces natural and considerably longer lasting results
  • VISAGEL® contains 2 ready-to-use syringes (per unit) each with 1.0 ml pure hyaluronan
  • VISAGEL® is particularly good value for money thanks to its exceptional price-performance ratio
  • VISAGEL® is a CE-certified medical product

is the technology used to produce VISAGEL®. Visalink® is the only technique in the world that ensures the complete cross-linking of hyaluronan to produce a highly elastic material. The result is an extremely pure filler material free from reaction products, thus keeping side effects to a minimum. Visalink® technology produces excellent viscoelastic properties, which enable administration with the finest of needles.

1 ml of injectted VISAGEL® = 1 ml volume in the tissue


Each VISAGEL® pack contains not just one, but two syringes each with 1.0 ml of purest hyaluronan – without exceeding the customary price level, which means that each course of treatment is much more efficient. In other words: new approach not just in quality, but also in quantity. This sets a totally new standard for the price/performance ratio in smoothing, thus redefining the economic basis of your work.

The product can be stored at the temperature of 2-30°C.